Free Play Days: Try These Xbox Games For Free (September 28 - October 1)

Xbox Free Play Days is back for another week! Over the next few days, we've got three games we can play for free with our Game Pass Core / Game Pass Ultimate memberships, including Ubisoft's Riders Republic!

The well-regarded extreme sports adventure is joined by the snowboarding game Shredders on Xbox Game Pass along with the "Oedo Panic Rogue-like" known as Ed-0: Zombie Uprising.

Better yet, Riders Republic's new skateboarding add-on is also free to try during Xbox Free Play Days!

Here's the full list of everything included in Xbox Free Play Days from September 28th to October 1st:

You'll need to be an Xbox Game Pass Core (formerly Xbox Live Gold) or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate member to access these Xbox Free Play Days games. They'll be available from today until late on Sunday, October 1st.

Surprisingly, there aren't actually any sales for the base versions of these Free Play Days titles right now, although if you're interested in Riders Republic specifically, the Complete Edition is currently £67.99 / $79.99.

Xbox Free Play Days - How To Download The Games

  1. Search for the game on the Xbox Store
  2. Hit the "Install, Included with Game Pass" button
  3. Play the game!

Will you be checking out any of these games this weekend? Let us know down below.