You may have heard at this point about something called "Blind Drive Assist" in the new Forza Motorsport that's coming out in October 2023 on Xbox Game Pass, and it's been getting even more attention recently courtesy of a new video.

That video was put together by blind gamer Steve Saylor, who documented the process of winning a race in Forza Motorsport using the new feature. In the video (seen above), Saylor shows how he got to grips with these blind driving assists as well as the other accessibility features in the game, tuning them until he felt comfortable with his setup.

In his conclusion, Saylor admits that Blind Drive Assist is "not perfect and has a major steep learning curve", but says that once you've tweaked all the various accessibility features to your needs, it helps give you the tools to succeed.

"This gives the player the power to adjust what fits their needs. It's further proof that accessibility isn't making the game easier for disabled players, it's giving us the same challenge as everyone else and the right tools to play and actually get better."

Blind Drive Assist was actually revealed a few months ago by the Forza Motorsport team, and there's a whole bunch of content about it over on the official Xbox website. We'll also throw an Xbox video down with more details down below.