Check Out This Amazing 6000 Piece Starfield Lego Set
Image: Taris120_Builds

A LEGO Builder on X.Com (that's Twitter for those of us who like to keep it real) has shared a phenomenal-looking recreation of Starfield's New Atlantis.

The 6000 piece beast, which took Taris120_Builds a whopping 50 hours to create, before kindly sharing the results on X and on the game's Reddit forum, has got some amazing details stuffed into it, including the MAST HQ, spaceship landing zone and a bunch of other bits and bobs players will recognise from the game.

"I just couldn't help myself and instead of playing Starfield, I immediately ended up rebricking New Atlantis. Roughly 50 hours and 6k pieces later, this is the result..."

It's impressive to say the least, and even more so considering how long the game has been available to play. Now...when can we get some actual official Starfield LEGO plz?

Let us know what you think of this enormous bit of Starfield LEGO in the comments!

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