2023 Has Been So Strong That Publishers Are Now Delaying Games To 2024

We've already talked about how great of a year 2023 has been for new game releases, and there's still more to come! In fact, given how stacked October and November are, some publishers are now avoiding this year entirely.

Last night, Don't Nod announced that its new story-driven action-RPG Banishers: Ghosts Of New Eden was being pushed back from its intended November launch to February of 2024 despite being finished and ready to go:

"With so many unforgettable games in 2023, it's important that each of them shines brightly. Though finished and set for release, we want Red and Antea's story to get the spotlight it deserves.

As a result, with our publisher Focus Entertainment, we took the decision to postpone its release on PCs and Consoles to February 13, 2024."

And that's not the only example! Earlier this month, it was revealed that Alone in the Dark was being held back from its planned October release to January 2024 due to the likes of Alan Wake 2 and Spider-Man 2 getting in the way.

With so much lined up for the next couple of months, we don't blame anyone who decides to hold back a bit and take advantage of the quieter early 2024 period. It's obviously a shame to wait if you're excited for these games in particular, but at least it means that we'll be getting more games at the start of next year!

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