The Outlast Trials Is Now Coming To Xbox In Early 2024

The Outlast Trials has been doing amazingly well in Steam Early Access since its launch back in May, and the good news is that the Xbox version is now a huge focus for developer Red Barrels. In a new blog post, the team has provided an update on the console version of the game - now coming in early 2024.

While this new release window is a slight delay from the initial launch plan of sometime in 2023, it sounds like things are coming along pretty nicely. Here's the section discussing the upcoming console ports of The Outlast Trials:

"We are currently actively working on fulfilling a major request: bringing the game to consoles. This means launching on PS5, Xbox S/X, and older gen (PS4/XboxOne), While enabling crossplay with PC. Our aim is to ensure that the unique social experience of The Outlast Trials can be shared across platforms, despite the technical complexity it requires.

Our progress is promising, but we can't provide a console release date or guarantee universal crossplay just yet. Originally targeting 2023, we are now eyeing an early 2024 console release due to the challenges faced by our small team."

As The Outlast Trials is still in early access on PC, we're not surprised to see its console version slip to 2024. The team has said that the console version won't make any sort of early access program, and it'll only come to Xbox once the game fully launches.

If you haven't seen much on the team's new co-op spin on the Outlast series, we'll drop a link to one of the game's gruesome trailers down below.

Are you interested in trying The Outlast Trials when it makes its way to Xbox? Let us know in the comments.