Quake 2 Remastered Will Seemingly Stealth Launch On Xbox Game Pass This Month

Bethesda's annual QuakeCon event takes place in about a week's time, and it's looking like the 2023 convention will bring a surprise Xbox Game Pass launch.

According to reliable leaker billbil-kun, Bethesda is prepping a stealth launch of Quake 2 Remastered for pretty much every platform out there, including Xbox Game Pass of course. It'll apparently just be called 'Quake II', but it's certainly getting the full remaster treatment if this report is to be believed.

And believe it we do. Not only did we hear about this project back in June, but, two years ago the exact same thing happened for Quake - Bethesda dropped a remastered version of the very first game in the series during QuakeCon 2021. Quake's remaster also ended up in Game Pass, where it remains thanks to Xbox's ownership of Bethesda.

QuakeCon 2023 takes place August 10 through August 13, so if this Quake 2 remaster is real, expect to hear about it in an official capacity next week.

Would you hit up some Quake 2 all over again on Xbox Game Pass? Let us know down below!

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