Indiana Jones
Image: Bethesda, Lucasfilm Games

As part of the Starfield press rounds, Bethesda has been providing some brief updates about its other game projects.

Apart from The Elder Scrolls 6, it seems there's also been a minor update about the development status of Indiana Jones. In an interview with GQ recently, it's mentioned how Todd Howard is apparently "midway through executive producing" this future release. Todd also made the following comment about how the developer MachineGames is going with this project:

“They’ve got the whole Nazi killing thing down and they’re doing a really great job.”

Since the initial announcement in 2021, updates about Bethesda's Indiana Jones game have been scarce. The previous one in June though was delivered during Microsoft's FTC hearing, where it was revealed the title would be exclusive to Xbox platforms.

This includes PC as well as a "day one" release on Xbox Game Pass, according to Bethesda's head of global publishing Pete Hines.

Indiana Jones is being developed by Bethesda and its Wolfenstein studio MachineGames in collaboration with Lucasfilm Games. It will also be an "original story" and adventure. Just be aware, there's no release date yet and it is nowhere near completion based on this latest update.

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