Xbox Activision Blizzard Deal Officially Approved In Turkey Amidst Ongoing FTC Battle
Image: Xbox

Although Microsoft seems to be getting closer to the final stage of acquiring Activision Blizzard in the US, it's still trying to pass the deal in other regions around the world, and is seeing success in most countries.

The company is currently in the process of sorting out some issues relating to the deal with the UK's CMA, and now in other parts of the world — specifically Turkey — news has come through of the deal being passed.

This particular move might not be the most important piece of the ActiBlizz puzzle, but it's nice to see some positive news during what has become a lengthy and drawn-out process in recent months.

Again, Microsoft still has to come to a conclusion with the Competition and Markets Authority in the UK, as the authority officially extends its investigation process again - this time with a deadline of August 29th.

Do you remain confident in Xbox sorting all of this out soon? Let us know your thoughts.