Talking Point: Are You Excited For Capcom's Big Xbox Game Pass Launch This Month?

We recently rounded up all of July's confirmed Xbox Game Pass titles so far, and while the list is currently quite short (we're still waiting on more reveals!), one major release is already starting to stand out.

Capcom's Exoprimal is landing day one on the service in the middle of the month - July 14th to be exact. While the upcoming co-op shooter isn't an entry from one of the Japanese company's esteemed franchises, it is a brand-new Capcom IP, and the title still looks like something to get quite excited about.

Back in March, the game's open beta got some really solid feedback on Xbox, despite the game seemingly going under the radar for quite a few Xbox owners. We're expecting a lot more eyes on the full Game Pass release, mind.

About a month ago we got another deep dive from Capcom as well, which impressed us at the time. We're curious as to how much depth Exoprimal will have in the long run, but as a crazy co-op dino shooter that we can all jump into as part of a Game Pass sub? Heck yeah!

Having said all of this, we're curious as to whether you're looking forward to giving Exoprimal a go when it launches on Xbox Game Pass later this month. There's not long to go, folks!

Vote in the poll down below and let us know what excites you most about Exoprimal in the comments!

Are You Excited To Try Exoprimal On Game Pass? (676 votes)

  1. Yep, been hyped since they first announced the game!13%
  2. I'm pretty excited yeah, anything from Capcom is worth a go27%
  3. I'm cautiously optimistic, but will be waiting for reviews before playing21%
  4. I'm not sure if I'll be playing it yet, I'm waiting for the next Game Pass roundup!8%
  5. Nah, I'm not bothered about Exoprimal at all to be honest30%