Once upon a time the Crackdown series was a notable staple within the Xbox first-party lineup. While the third game only came out four years ago (can you believe that?!), it's the first two Xbox 360 titles we have fond memories of - and one of them has just turned 13!

Yep, Crackdown 2 launched on this very day in the US back in 2010; officially making this third-person open world romp a teenager in 2023! We thought we'd mark the anniversary by reminding you that the first two games are still completely free to own on the Xbox Store - be sure to grab them if you haven't already:

As for the third iteration, you can still play Crackdown 3 via Xbox Game Pass of course, if you'd like to give that one a go. The series' Xbox One entry never quite made the same impression that the first two games did, but Game Pass subscribers are still free to check it out if they want to try the third game in 2023!

The fate of this classic Xbox franchise is unknown going forwards, but we really did have a good old time with the first two titles back in the day. Happy 13th birthday, Crackdown 2 - we think it might be worth loading you up soon and having a wander around Pacific City once again.

What are your fondest memories of Classic Crackdown? Let us know in the comments section!

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