Antstream Arcade has officially launched on Xbox today, bringing over 1400 retro games to Xbox players via its cloud-streaming service, but something you might have noticed is that only two PlayStation 1 titles are part of the lineup.

The good news is that many more PS1 games will be coming to Antstream Arcade in the near future!

This was revealed as part of last week's Antstream Connect, where the likes of Glover, Worms, Reloaded and MDK were all teased for the service. You can see the full roundup of all PS1 titles in the timestamped video up above.

In terms of when to expect these games, Antstream says a "huge number" of PS1 titles will be heading to the service as soon as they've been prepared with the likes of online leaderboards and challenges, suggesting that the initial selection of two titles will double in "a few weeks" and then improve again in a few more weeks, with a constant flow of PlayStation games rolling out to Antstream Arcade as time goes on.

Of course, more games will also be arriving for many other systems beyond the original PlayStation, with a bunch of them teased in the video above - so it's well worth watching the full presentation if you're curious.

There's also a really good Xbox Q&A that Antstream has pushed out today which includes some useful information, so we'll throw that down below. Firstly though, here's a look at some screenshots from all the PS1 games that Antstream teased in last week's July 2023 Antstream Connect, a few of which we haven't quite identified yet!

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