Over the last couple of months we've finally seen a little bit more on what Turn 10 is cooking up with Forza Motorsport, although the team hasn't shown off much in the way of direct ray tracing footage. Well, thanks to a new leak we've got a fresh look at the game's new RT technology in all its glory, and it's looking mighty impressive.

Through some sort of internal testing/QA leak, three new screenshots from Forza Motorsport have appeared online, including a lovely garage shot showcasing some gorgeous ray traced reflections. You can check the screens out down below:

Twitter's image compression doesn't help on the quality front, but these still look great and are making us even more excited to go hands on with the game this October. If you want to see the shots in a bit better quality, a GTPlanet forum post also has the goods at the time of writing.

After six long years, Forza's 'Motorsport' series returns on October 10th, and although lots of the Xbox hype right now is focused on Starfield, we remain eager to see what Turn 10 will deliver later this year.

What do you think to these leaked Forza Motorsport screens? Let us know down below.