Arkane Austin Seemingly Returning To Single-Player Project Following Release Of Redfall

At this point we all know what happened with Redfall earlier this year - Arkane Austin's 2023 shooter just didn't hit the mark, leading fans to question why the longtime single-player developer pivoted to a multiplayer project. Well, regardless of the team's motive for the move, it doesn't appear to have been very long lasting.

The developer has just opened up lots of new job opportunities at its Austin office via the ZeniMax website, and some of the "preferred skills" section within these listings hints at what's to come from the team. A 'Lead Technical Engineer' role is hoping candidates have "familiarity with single player action-RPGs and immersive sims".

Well, that certainly sounds like an Arkane project to us! While we've heard nothing official on what's next from the now-Xbox-owned team, it's looking increasingly likely that their follow-up to Redfall will be a single-player title - as you'd expect from Arkane Studios.

In the meantime, we are still due at least a patch or two for Redfall. That coveted 60FPS mode is still being worked on as far as we know, and we'd expect that to drop alongside some other changes and bug fixes as you typically see with these big patches. We'll bring news once we hear what's next from Arkane Austin!

Are you looking forward to a more studio-appropriate project from Arkane? Let us know what you want to them make next down below.