Xbox Was Thinking About Acquiring Square Enix Back In 2019

Earlier this week, we learned of a long list of companies that Xbox had considered acquiring a couple of years ago including SEGA and Bungie, and now we know of another one - Square Enix!

Documents from 2019 (revealed as part of the Activision Blizzard FTC hearing) mention that an acquisition of Square Enix would provide Microsoft with "valuable content assets" that could benefit Xbox in multiple ways:

"Square Enix owns a diverse suite of gaming franchises that could serve as a cornerstone of our strategy, helping us extend our offerings beyond console and our current markets."

"An acquisition of Square Enix would provide valuable content assets that could accelerate the growth of Xbox Game Pass and drive success for Project Scarlett (Xbox Series X)."

There are various other advantages mentioned in the documents as well, such as the ability to "materially accelerate our growth ambitions" in the mobile market, as well as extend Xbox's reach in Asia.

Obviously this never came to fruition, and we've actually seen very little from Square Enix on Xbox over the past few months - with Xbox boss Phil Spencer admitting earlier this year that the relationship needs more work.

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