DayZ Publisher Shows Xbox Game Pass Some Love 'For No Particular Reason'
Image: Bohemia Interactive

PlayStation boss Jim Ryan appears to have got on the wrong side of certain parts of the games industry since claiming in his pre-recorded deposition that publishers "unanimously do not like Game Pass because it is value destructive".

One of the publishers now speaking up about this happens to be Bohemia Interactive (DayZ) - coming to the defense of Microsoft and the Xbox Game Pass subscription service, calling it a "disruption" to the classic model and an alternative that allows more players to join gaming communities.

"Hello gamers! We’d just like to mention (for no particular reason) that @bohemiainteract likes @XboxGamePass quite a lot. As both a developer and publisher, we see it as an excellent addition and, at the same time, a disruption to the classic and established game store model. Xbox Game Pass is an alternative that allows more players to become part of our @DayZ gaming community and we are quite happy this alternative exists."

Indie developers and other companies have also made similar comments and shared success stories about Game Pass before - with Xbox also noting how creators willingly return to the service.

Wired Productions, for example, also expressed love for Xbox Game Pass earlier this week:

During the hearing, Jim mentioned how he believed Microsoft was losing "a lot of money" from Xbox Game Pass, which again goes against Microsoft's comments about how this subscription model is more than sustainable and still has plenty of potential in terms of growth.

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