Spooky fishing sim DREDGE has gone down really well since its launch in late March, and the team is hoping to bring in even more players with a new free trial option on the Xbox Store.

You can now go hands-on with one hour of DREDGE for completely free across Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S consoles. This should give players plenty of time to see what Black Salt Games' charming indie title has to offer.

Someone who's played plenty more than an hour of DREDGE is Xbox boss Phil Spencer. A few weeks after the game's arrival, the head of Xbox took to Twitter to tell the world he was loving his time with the title.

DREDGE doesn't look like a one-and-done indie affair either. Recently, the dev team revealed a pretty extensive roadmap for 2023 that includes new features, DLC and more, so it's safe to say fans will be sticking with this one for some time to come.

Let us know if you'll be giving the DREDGE trial a go on Xbox!