Xbox Announces Extended Showcase 2023 Featuring 'In-Depth Interviews' & More

Yesterday, Microsoft revealed even more information on this summer's Xbox Games Showcase including the exact date and time it all kicks off next month. Also tucked into the team's announcement post was a little note on this year's 'Xbox Games Showcase Extended' which is now confirmed to be returning for 2023.

This time around, Microsoft will use the slot to conduct "in-depth interviews" and more - two days after the main show. Xbox's Extended Games Showcase 2023 airs at 10am PT / 1pm ET / 6pm BST on June 13th.

"Like last year, we’ll also have our follow-up stream, Xbox Games Showcase Extended airing June 13 at 10am PT, with in-depth interviews focused on the news from our Xbox Games Showcase as well as game updates from our partners."

Not only has the team now fully revealed its pair of Xbox Games Showcases for 2023, Bethesda has also begun teasing what we can expect from the big Starfield Direct event that follows the main show. Read all about Xbox's summer plans down below.

Will be tuning in to Xbox's extended summer showcase next month? Let us know your plans down below.