Report: Xbox To Unveil Starfield Controller & Headset At Games Showcase 2023

It's being reported that Xbox will unveil a Starfield controller and headset at the upcoming Xbox Games Showcase 2023 on June 11th, and it looks like we already know pricing details as well.

This has been leaked by the reliable billbil-kun, who had the following to say for Dealabs Magazine:

(The following has been translated via Google):

"With our recent information, we can confirm with certainty that the accessories codenamed "Ogden" and "Orren" are indeed an official Xbox wireless controller and headset in the Starfield colors. We also know that these will not be limited to the United States and will also be released in Europe."

According to billbil-kun, the pricing for the Starfield Xbox controller will come in at €74.99 / $79.99, while the Starfield Xbox headset will retail for €124.99 / $124.99. Both may actually be available to purchase as soon as June 11th.

The one thing we don't know right now is what either of these accessories will look like. A separate leak from earlier this year revealed a glimpse at a stunning Starfield Xbox controller, but that was ultimately met with some uncertainty about whether it was an official design or not. At the moment, there's still no definitive word on this.

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