Poll: Are You Happy With June 2023's Xbox Games With Gold?
Image: The Vale: Shadow Of The Crown

Microsoft has officially announced June 2023's Xbox Games with Gold, giving us a look at two more games we'll be able to play at no extra cost with our Xbox Live Gold memberships next month.

This month's selection includes the cinematic first-person adventure game Adios, as well as the audio-based action adventure title, The Vale: Shadow of the Crown. We'll admit, we've never played either of these!

What do you think about Xbox Games with Gold in June 2023? Vote in the polls and tell us in the comments!

Are You Happy With June's Xbox Games With Gold? (911 votes)

  1. I'm very happy!4%
  2. I'm quite happy7%
  3. They're OK15%
  4. I'm not very happy23%
  5. They're terrible!51%

Which Are You Most Excited For? (760 votes)

  1. Adios8%
  2. The Vale: Shadow Of The Crown9%
  3. Neither of them!83%

Let us know how you're feeling about June 2023's Xbox Games With Gold down below.