Star Wars Jedi Survivor
Image: Electronic Arts, Respawn

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor had some bugs at launch, but Respawn Entertainment is well into the patch fixes now - with the next major one due to arrive later today on 9th May.

While some of the update is focused on PC and PS5 "only" there are still a number of general fixes covering Xbox Series X|S. Here's the full rundown, detailing what exactly Xbox platforms can expect:

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Patch Notes Xbox Series X And S

Xbox Series X|S

- Fixed various save state errors.
- Fixed a streaming issue that causes some streaming scenarios to end on a black screen.
- Fixed an issue where one of the vents did not properly activate in Stone Spires.
- Audio fix for a narrative moment where music was behaving incorrectly.
- Fixed lightsaber marks not displaying correctly in some scenarios.
- Fixed a scenario where the player could enter a progression blocked state in the Lucrehulk.
- Fixed an elevator to prevent the player from falling through it and entering a progression blocked state.
- Fixed a bug where Rayvis would become unbeatable.
- Fixed a severe animation issue that would break a late game narrative sequence.
- Fixed a collision bug where players can get stuck inside a Meditation Chamber.
- Added a note explaining that some of BD-1’s abilities are not available while in combat.
- Improved text scrolling.
- Minor text translation fixes.
- Various crash fixes.

The patch notes page also mentions how there are improvements for "VFX" coming to consoles soon, and various bug fixes are on the way as well. EA will continue to monitor the situation and thanks fans once again for their continued support.

How are you finding Star Wars Jedi: Survivor on Xbox after the previous updates? Comment below.