Video: FTC Chair Questioned About 'Remarkable' Decision To Side With Sony Over Microsoft

Microsoft's attempted takeover of Activision Blizzard was brought up in a Congressional hearing this week, in which FTC chair Lina Khan was asked about why the Commission had decided to "side" with Sony in relation to the deal.

The question was asked by Tenessee representative Diana Harshbarger, who pointed out that it was "remarkable" the FTC had taken Sony's side, especially considering the company controls "68% of the global market for high-end video gaming consoles". You can hear Harshbarger's comments in the video below:

In response, Khan pointed out that the case was in administrative proceedings and therefore didn't make any direct comments on it. However, as a general matter, she mentioned that while the FTC really benefits from "hearing market participants across the board", an independent judgement is always made "based on the law and the facts".

We haven't really heard too much else about the FTC's lawsuit against Microsoft's Activision Blizzard takeover recently, but it's definitely looking like the biggest hurdle for getting the deal over the finish line right now.

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