Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown Is Looking Like Forza Horizon's Biggest Competitor

Developer KT Racing has been a bit sheepish on showing information about Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown so far, but the team's latest Steam blog post is probably its most revealing info drop yet.

In here, the team discusses its 1:1 scale rendition of Hong Kong Island, along with what to expect from each of the 14 in-game districts. We must say, it's sounding pretty impressive — on paper at least — and the new in-game screenshots don't look half bad either.

KT says that TDU Solar Crown features a vast, varied open world containing everything from the "traditional narrow streets of the old town, to the wide highways where you can really put the pedal to the metal, to the off-road mountain trails that require skill and technique" to drive on. Judging by the team's latest WRC titles, we'd expect off-roading to be good fun in particular.

The game is also set to feature a dynamic day/night and weather system, with rainy conditions having a profound impact on how your vehicle will handle out on the open road. The time of day cycle contains "distinct phases for dawn, day, evening and night".

Test Drive Unlimited has always been known for its sheer scale as well; a tradition that the team behind Solar Crown is definitely continuing with. The dev has revealed that over 600km / 370 miles of road will be drivable in Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown, with everything from traditional races to speed traps featured within the open world.

All we need to see next is some proper uncut gameplay, but for now, we'll drop some of the team's latest screengrabs down below.

Is this starting to look like a proper Forza Horizon competitor? Let us know your thoughts on this new info down below.