A fair few of us have been hoping and wishing to see Forza Horizon head to Japan, or a similar locale, for years now. It's a region that's alluded us in Xbox's open world racing series thus far, but, what if we told you another series was beating Playground to the post?

That's right, 'Test Drive Unlimited' made its grand return known in 2020, with the announcement of TDU: Solar Crown, now due out in 2023. Until this point we've not seen any real gameplay, but Nacon has now shared an in-game trailer and some gorgeous screens of the game's open world, which is set on Hong Kong Island.

This is what a lot of us racing fans have been waiting for! Narrow, neon-soaked streets that harken back to the glory days of Need for Speed, paired with winding countryside roads leading to secret rural hideouts. It all looks to be here in Solar Crown, and it's safe to say we're pretty excited to explore its open world.

Back in May, the developer announced that along with the delay to 2023, TDU: Solar Crown would be ditching last-gen and gunning for a pure Xbox Series X|S release. Hopefully, that means the team can fully realise this open world rendition of Hong Kong Island next year.

Are you as excited as us about this one? Or would you prefer Forza to go there first? Let us know your thoughts!