Starfield Dev Talks Sci-Fi Inspirations Including Star Wars, Aliens & More

We're still a couple of months away from the big Starfield Direct show ahead of the game's release in September, but small nuggets of information continue to creep out, including some of the development team's sci-inspirations.

Speaking on Twitter recently, Starfield design director Emil Pagliarulo revealed that pretty much every sci-fi TV show and movie has inspired the team in some way, listing off a bunch of famous IPs in his responses:

"Some folks have asked me what other movies, besides Prospect, have that Starfield vibe. I feel I can't really answer that specifically without getting into reveal/spoiler territory, and that's something I can't and won't do. We've already stated that you can infiltrate the Crimson Fleet as kind of a space cop and report back to your superiors, so maybe watch... Donnie Brasco? Just be warned! Support this concept, and the internet may label you, too, a "fuc**** narc."

"But seriously, I don't think there's a sci-fi movie or TV show out there that hasn't inspired Starfield's many devs in some way, from Space: 1999 to Cowboy Bebop to Event Horizon to Silent Running. It's outer space, after all - there's room for everything."

If you haven't been keeping track, the new release date for Starfield is September 6th, 2023, and that special Developer Direct event is taking place on June 11th immediately following the Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase.

We're not expecting any major Starfield reveals before that June date, but we've already got plenty of gameplay you can watch courtesy of last year's Xbox showcase, which treated us to around 15 minutes of footage.

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