Bloober Team's Layers of Fear is getting a full remake this summer, and ahead of the game's June 2023 launch on Xbox, the developer has showcased all the spooky, scary, shiny improvements coming with its Unreal Engine 5 overhaul.

The remake contains elements of both Layers of Fear games released so far, and we have to say, it's all looking very impressive on UE5 - taking advantage of the engine's new features like 'Lumen' lighting and real time ray tracing.

Bloober says we can expect 4K resolutions with HDR on current-gen consoles as well, although it hasn't provided a breakdown between Xbox Series X and Series S yet. Hopefully we'll find out the full specs across both Xbox systems as we get closer to launch.

Here's what the team has to say about the move to Epic Games' latest technology for Layers of Fear:

"Creating games with Unreal Engine 5 is a great opportunity for the whole team, as it means our game development process can skyrocket in quality. It has an incredible power when it comes to the implementation of dynamic lighting, shadows, and potentially beautiful worlds for players to explore."

"We hope that—thanks to the engine—we’ll provide players with the unique, immersive, visually stunning and atmospheric experience in graphical fidelity."

We're quite excited to see more current-gen-only games ship on Unreal Engine 5, so we'll be keeping a close eye on this one to find out how much it can test our Xbox Series consoles this summer.

Are you impressed by this latest Layers of Fear trailer? Let us know what you think!