Xbox Goes In-Depth On Three Upcoming Game Pass Releases

Earlier this week, Microsoft used the official Xbox website blog to celebrate four upcoming ID@Xbox games that were featured at GDC 2023 - and three of them have all previously been confirmed for Xbox Game Pass!

The first of these is Planet of Lana, which still has a release window of Spring 2023 according to the blog. We've seen a lot from this game already, and here's a bit of what the Xbox team had to say about it:

Planet of Lana (Spring 2023)

"Tom Davis of publisher Thunderful said the game was as “if Studio Ghibli made Inside.” I was also reminded at times of Ori and the Will of the Wisps… if any of those references made you perk up, you’ll want to keep an eye out for Planet of Lana, which it comes to Xbox consoles and PC with Game Pass this spring."

Next, we've got The Lamplighters League, which was revealed at the Paradox Announcement Show earlier this month. This is another 2023 release, which the Xbox team says is initially reminiscent of "Indiana Jones meets XCOM":

The Lamplighters League (2023)

"Lamplighters League is “a globetrotting adventure” set in a stylized take of the 1930s. Initial vibes are very “Indiana Jones meets XCOM“, though after playing for an hour I believe the closer comparison is the excellent Mutant Year Zero."

"The flexibility in choosing when or even if to engage enemies, paired with the not-often-seen setting make Lamplighters League a must-play for strategy fans..."

The third upcoming release on this list is Venba, which was literally confirmed for Xbox Game Pass last week. Something we didn't know about this one is that it has artwork inspired by the likes of Dexter's Laboratory and Powerpuff Girls!

Venba (2023)

"Also coming to console and PC with Game Pass this year is Venba, a cooking/puzzle game where players experience the lives of an Indian couple who immigrate to Canada via interactive, stylized food prep."

"With art inspired by cartoons like “Dexter’s Laboratory” and “Powerpuff Girls,” but more serious, Venba will bake a place in your plans this summer."

As mentioned, all of these had previously been confirmed for Xbox Game Pass in 2023, but it's nice to get a bit more information about each of them from Team Xbox - you can read up on all of it, along with details about a fourth non-Game Pass game called Botany Manor, over on the official Xbox Wire website.

Any of these upcoming Xbox Game Pass additions taking your fancy? Tell us down below.