Yesterday, we brought the unfortunate news that review aggregator Metacritic decided Xbox Game Studios "failed to qualify" for its annual publisher rankings - due to the fact that it launched less than five titles in 2022. However, one of the four qualifying games it did launch seems to have down well with the GDC crowd.

The Game Developer's Conference has revealed that Obsidian's Pentiment has won the 'Best Narrative' award at GDC 2023, beating out Sony's God of War Ragnarok in this particular department.

We're happy to see Obsidian's 2022 murder mystery get some recognition to be honest - we scored it 9/10 in our Pure Xbox review, in part thanks to its "wonderful narrative" that kept us engrossed throughout.

It was never going to be a mainstream hit, but Pentiment felt ideal for Xbox Game Pass and it delivered a great story to boot. Let's hope 2023 is a stronger year for Xbox Game Studios on the whole!

Did you play Pentiment? Does it deserve this GDC award? Let us know your thoughts on the title.