xbox wo long

With the advent of new consoles, us gaming enthusiasts of the world often quickly forget older technology (before inevitably getting nostalgic about it years down the line). The base Xbox One is definitely in the 'forgotten' territory of its life right now — for us at least — but sometimes we're reminded that new games are still coming out for it, and developers still have to try and optimize for the console.

Enter: Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. This month's first Game Pass hit is a cross generation game, and that is producing some interesting results across the board. While we've already taken a look at the game on current-gen systems here at PX HQ, the team over at Digital Foundry has analysed all versions - including that old Xbox One edition of the game.

Let's just say the visuals leave something to be desired on the console. Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty on Xbox One runs at 648p by DF's testing, so we're looking at a sub-720p resolution here. The texture work is very low-res too, and generally speaking, it's hard to make out much detail at all. We'll drop the timestamp of this specific discussion down below.

Thankfully, the game's performance fares a lot better, with a pretty solid 30FPS showing on Xbox One. There's no high-performance mode of course, but the frame rate could have been a lot worse - and probably would have been if Team Ninja pushed the visuals any more.

In all honesty, we don't really know what we expected to see here, but every now and then you're reminded of how far we've come with Xbox Series X|S; Series X in particular. 60 frames per second sure is sweet, huh?

Are you at all surprised by these visuals? Leave your thoughts on their findings down below.