The first major Xbox Game Pass release of March 2023 is Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, which arrives on Friday, March 3rd. Ahead of launch, the game has been getting fantastic reviews so far, including our 8/10 here at Pure Xbox!

Our review was based solely on the Xbox Series X version of the game, but we're well aware that a large portion of the Pure Xbox community will be playing Wo Long on Xbox Series S, so our wonderful new video producer Craig has produced the comparison footage you see above, showing the differences between the two systems.

As you can see, we've compared both the Resolution and Frame Rate modes here, and we'd probably suggest that the latter is the best way to play on both consoles. Resolution is fine if you prefer it on Xbox Series X, but Craig has noticed that it sometimes suffers from frame drops on Series S, whereas the FPS mode seems more stable.

Don't forget that Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is also available on Xbox One, PC and Xbox Cloud Gaming with Xbox Game Pass this week, so you've got a wide variety of ways to enjoy it. It's definitely worth your time!

What do you make of this footage? Let us know down in the comments below.