The Outer Worlds: Spacer's Choice Edition officially launched on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S earlier this week following its surprise announcement in late February, and the first impressions have been pretty interesting to see.

Basically, the reviews are mostly very positive. There haven't been many of them yet, but OpenCritic has given the game a "Top Critic Average" of 83, which puts it in the "Strong" category on that website. The improved visuals are a highlight in a few of these reviews, and many of them also focus on the actual base game and its DLCs being excellent as well - which obviously we already knew.

So, what's the downside here? Well, all the grumbles are primarily related to performance right now, with reports of frame rate drops across consoles and PC. This includes the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S versions (particularly the former), which is disappointing considering how well the base game already ran on those platforms.

There are a couple of other concerns as well, such as issues with the upgrade path, but performance definitely seems to be top of mind for most Xbox owners of the Spacer's Choice Edition right now. Here's hoping we'll get a patch pretty soon to iron out these issues - the PC version seems to particularly need it, as it's currently sitting on a "Mostly Negative" rating based on the Steam reviews so far.

We did reach out for a review copy of The Outer Worlds: Spacer's Choice Edition but didn't receive one ahead of launch, so we haven't tested any of this ourselves as of yet. However, the excellent "Fuzion Xbox Testing" on YouTube has provided a brief look at the game running on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, and you can see this below:

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