Redfall is just two months away from launching on Xbox Game Pass, and details on Arkane's upcoming open world shooter continue to drop ahead of release. We know that you can play the game in solo, we know it will ship on a disc at retail, and now we know that players across platforms can hook up in co-op.

Bethesda and Arkane have confirmed that cross-play between Xbox, Xbox on PC, Game Pass, Steam, and the Epic Games Store is enabled for Redfall. Basically, everybody can play with each other online, regardless of the platform.

The full community Q&A also shares a few other interesting notes about Arkane's vampiric shooter. The game's overall difficulty will scale depending on how many players are in the game, while the team also confirms that all weapon types can be used across all character builds, among other bits and pieces about general gameplay.

It's great to see full cross-play supported here anyway, especially when so many PC platforms are included. Redfall launches on Xbox Series X|S and PC, including on Xbox Game Pass day one, on May 2nd, 2023.

Will you be making use of Redfall cross-play? Let us know if you're tackling this one in solo or co-op!