halo infiniteRay Tracing Is Coming To Halo Infinite On Xbox Series X

343 Industries seems to be getting into its stride when it comes to Halo Infinite post-launch updates, with the stacked Season 3 now live across Xbox and PC. While the update added new ray tracing features to the PC version of the game, the team has also revealed that RT is coming to consoles too.

Well, one console at least. Tucked into the team's Season 3 patch notes, 343 has announced that the PC feature is coming to Xbox Series X at some stage. A timeline on the feature's arrival hasn't been provided just yet.

"Players on PC are now able to toggle Raytraced Sun Shadows from the Settings menu. When this feature is enabled, all shadows cast by the sun will appear more detailed in multiplayer gameplay. The Raytraced Sun Shadows option does not apply to the Halo Infinite Campaign.

This option will be available on Xbox Series X in a future update for Halo Infinite."

As for what Infinite's RT will look like? For starters, ray tracing will only work in the multiplayer portion of the game. Secondly, at least in its current form, the feature only covers "Raytraced Sun Shadows" as an option to add a more 'realistic' look to the title. Here's a comparison shot of Halo Infinite RT - with ray tracing enabled on the first image and disabled on the second:

Hopefully, the team provides some more information soon on when the feature will be ready to go on Xbox Series X. In the meantime, the rest of Halo Infinite Season 3 is live across all platforms, including a lovely new Xbox Game Pass perk to ring in the new season.

What other visual features would you like to see added to Halo Infinite? Leave your thoughts down below.

[source support.halowaypoint.com]