Halo Infinite is getting its biggest multiplayer update to date next month, when 'Echoes Within' arrives across Xbox consoles and PC on March 7th. The game's third major season includes 3 new hand-crafted maps, new weapons & equipment, fresh Forge content and more.

It's all shown off in the launch trailer up above, with new Big Team Battle map 'Oasis' taking centre stage. This is the first Halo Infinite BTB level we've seen in some time, so it's a much welcome addition.

The new 'Bandit' weapon looks good fun too, throwing back to the DMR days of Halo: Reach. We can see ourselves popping plenty of Spartan domes with this weapon when Season 3 arrives!

halo season 3

Alongside two more developer-built Arena maps is yet more Forge-curated content as well, and one Forge addition in particular is catching our eye. 343 is highlighting the 'Art's Room' map in this trailer - where shrunk Spartans duke it out in what looks like someone's home office room. Serious 'Toy Story' vibes with this one!

After all of the much-discussed content problems with Halo Infinite's live service, this looks like a great Infinite update for Halo fans. It all begins March 7 when 'Season 3: Echoes Within' launches for Halo Infinite.

Are you looking forward to jumping into Halo Infinite Season 3? Let us know down below.