Random: This Ever Happened To Your Controller? Xbox Fans Have Figured Out Why
Image: Prestigious-Form4496, Reddit

If you sometimes find yourself browsing the various Xbox subreddits, you may have noticed a post that was getting a lot of attention over the weekend showing an Xbox Elite controller that had developed a very strange pattern.

The person who uploaded the photo simply asked the question of "what could this be?", which ultimately led to over a thousand comments and over two-and-a-half thousand upvotes on the Xbox Series X subreddit alone.

Here's a look at the original post:

So, what's the verdict so far? Ultimately, the "best" comment that seems to be the most universally accepted is that the controller went through a process called "crazing", perhaps due to some kind of cleaning product:

100footer on Reddit: "It’s called crazing. It’s the soft-touch coating coming loose from the hard plastic beneath. In the printing world, we usually see this when a harsh chemical is used on a sensitive plastic or coating. Maybe some cleaner or hand sanitizer was used on it?"

However, others have suggested various different theories about what might have happened:

The original poster has advised that they believe the issue was related to their charger, as they've since changed it and the problem hasn't reappeared. So, if this ends up happening to you, that might be the first thing to check!

Whatever the underlying cause, it's been an interesting discussion to watch over the past 24 hours, and we're curious to know what your theories are about this and whether it's something you've had to deal with before.

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