We got the big news last week that Tango Gameworks' Ghostwire: Tokyo is finally heading to Xbox on April 12th, after the game's one-year PS5 exclusivity window is up. However, the team also revealed that a bunch of brand-new content is coming to the game on the same date, coinciding with the title's Xbox Game Pass release.

To be clear, this content is coming to all versions of the game, including the previously released PS5 edition. And, it's all free, which means the Xbox Game Pass version will include all of the content from day one of its addition to the library. Here's what to expect from the update:

ghostwire tokyo update

There's quite a lot going on here, from a brand-new 'roguelite' game mode, to extended story cutscenes and new areas & enemies - Tango is going all out as it prepares the game's Xbox launch. Even if you've played this one already on PS5, the re-launch could be well worth a second visit.

"Take on a whole new kind of challenge in ‘The Spider’s Thread,’ a new mode separate from the main game and selectable from the main menu. Players must navigate a 30-stage gauntlet assembled from over 130 handcrafted levels with one simple goal: get to the end.

The Ghostwire: Tokyo Spider’s Thread update adds new locations to visit in the ghost-riddled streets of supernatural Tokyo, including the eerie Middle School area.

In addition to new missions, the update features extended story cutscenes, granting players more character interaction and insight into the plot as they play through Akito and KK’s journey to stop the menacing Hannya."

2023 is proving to be a pretty big year then for Tango Gameworks and Xbox. The team shadow dropped the incredible Hi-Fi RUSH earlier this year and is now following it up with a jam-packed version of Ghostwire: Tokyo?! We can't wait to experience this one on Xbox Game Pass.

Are you playing Ghostwire: Tokyo on day one of its Xbox launch? Let us know!

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