Poll: Are You Happy With April 2023's Xbox Games With Gold?

Microsoft has officially announced April 2023's Xbox Games with Gold, giving us a look at three more games we'll be able to play at no extra cost with our Xbox Live Gold memberships next month.

We're back to two games rather than three this month, but both of them are pretty interesting additions - there's the co-op focused party title Out of Space: Couch Edition, along with the puzzle-adventure Peaky Blinders: Mastermind.

We're still not getting any major AAA titles out of Xbox Games with Gold these days, but to be honest we're not expecting that'll happen ever again. If you can look past that, this seems like an OK selection at first glance.

Are You Happy With April's Xbox Games With Gold? (793 votes)

  1. I'm very happy!4%
  2. I'm quite happy5%
  3. They're OK17%
  4. I'm not very happy24%
  5. They're terrible!51%

Which Are You Most Looking Forward To? (705 votes)

  1. Out Of Space: Couch Edition6%
  2. Peaky Blinders: Mastermind20%
  3. Neither of them!74%

Let us know how you're feeling about April 2023's Xbox Games With Gold down below.