Yesterday's Future Games Show unleashed an absolute barrage of trailers on us for plenty of upcoming Xbox games, but one of the titles you might have missed was hidden within the very quick PC-focused "Ones to Watch Montage".

That game was Bits & Bops, which is basically a Rhythm Heaven game in all but name. If you haven't heard of Rhythm Heaven, it's a popular series that's best known for its Nintendo DS titles, in which you play a series of addictive timing-based minigames featuring plenty of fun artwork and catchy music.

We hadn't come across Bits & Bops before yesterday, but it turns out the game raised a stunning amount of money as part of its initial Kickstarter campaign, which means an Xbox version is definitely planned. It'll be coming to PC first, however, where you can also already access a free demo on Steam if you want to try it.

We'll keep an eye on the progress of Bits & Bops and let you know when an Xbox release date is announced.

"Bits & Bops is a collection of original rhythm mini-games. Featuring over 20 mini-games filled with catchy music, snappy gameplay and gorgeous, hand-drawn animation, Bits & Bops is sure to brighten your day."

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