The team behind upcoming Xbox Game Pass mech-farming sim Lightyear Frontier has unfortunately announced a delay. The title was set to arrive on Xbox Game Pass in early access form during Spring 2023, but that window has now been pushed back.

At present, we don't have another release date for the title, as the team feels it "can't commit to a launch window right now". The dev says it will "communicate a new one" as soon as possible.

It's no doubt a disappointment that Xbox Game Pass is losing something from its Spring lineup, but if this delay results in a more polished Lightyear Frontier experience later in the year, we're absolutely all for it.

If you want to see what else is scheduled for Xbox's subscription service over the next few months, check out our handy guide down below!

Were you looking forward to some spring farming on Game Pass? Let us know if you're into this upcoming XGP title.