Halo Infinite Season 3 is now underway, as developer 343 Industries revamps the game's multiplayer with three new maps, a fresh 100-tier battle pass, new menu themes and much more besides.

Overall, the new additions for Season 3 seem to be going down pretty well, with players enjoying the injection of fresh content after the game's second season lasted almost a full calendar year - even with mini-events dotted throughout Season 2.

However, the new Season launch hasn't been without issue. Pretty much straight away, users on Xbox Series X|S began reporting performance issues, in particular at 120Hz playback. That seems to extend to the game's campaign as well, where players are also coming across performance problems.

This is a particular sore spot - especially given the update adds nothing of note to the campaign side of the game aside from a new menu image, as shown in the top tweet up above. Thankfully, the team has already acknowledged these problems and is working on fixes.

Alongside these performance fixes, there's more coming for Xbox Series X|S players soon. Ray Tracing features arrived for Halo Infinite on PC with Season 3, and those very same visual options are coming to current-gen Xbox players in the near future.

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How Are You Finding Halo Infinite Season 3 So Far? (156 votes)

  1. It's amazing, I'm loving Halo multiplayer again!35%
  2. It's good, definitely worth giving a go30%
  3. It's okay, but I still have issues with Halo Infinite8%
  4. The performance issues have made the game worse - avoid!11%
  5. I don't play Halo Infinite anymore15%