As part of today's Capcom Spotlight livestream, the Japanese developer has revealed a brand-new release date for Exoprimal. The team's multiplayer Dino shooter arrives on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S on July 14th, and guess what - it'll be on Xbox Game Pass day one!

Although Exoprimal involves Capcom and big angry dinosaurs, the upcoming title is not related to the company's famous Dino Crisis series. Still, hopefully it scratches that itch a little bit when the game heads to Xbox Game Pass this summer.

"Exoprimal is an online, team-based action game that pits humanity's cutting-edge exosuit technology against history's most ferocious beasts – dinosaurs. Exosuits are grouped into different roles, and players will pilot these exosuits to hold firm against overwhelming dinosaur swarms in online-only, team-based action game modes."

If you'd like to go hands-on with the title even earlier, there's more good news. Capcom is delivering a free multiplayer beta ahead of launch, which goes ahead from March 16th to March 19th on all platforms!

Are you going to give Exoprimal a try? Let us know if you're taking on these dinos down below!