After a somewhat controversial delay revolving around the game being blocked on Steam, zombie MMO The Day Before is now set for a November 2023 launch, at least on PC. Following this announcement, the team behind the game has dropped some uncut gameplay to try and soften the blow of its unfortunate delay.

Much of the above gameplay video showcases a couple of characters walking around a huge abandoned post-apocalyptic city, with a few zombie hordes thrown in for good measure. We can't quite work out how much of this is actual, tangible gameplay to be honest — given the lack of much combat or interactivity — but still, it's here for us all to mull over.

At some stage, Fntastic is supposedly bringing this one to Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S - sometime after the PC launch date. However, given that the PC date is now set at November 10th and the game hasn't even returned to the Steam storefront yet, we don't expect to see this one on Xbox for some time.

What are your impressions? Does the gameplay look legit to you? Leave your thoughts in the comments down below.