EA's Monster Hunter-like Wild Hearts is out later this month, and ahead of launch, the team has taken part in a Reddit AMA to talk about how the game is shaping up heading into its release month. There are some interesting info drops scattered throughout the team's answers, but perhaps most importantly, we now know that Wild Hearts is coming to Xbox Game Pass in February 2023 in the form of a 10-hour free trial for Ultimate members.

Courtesy of EA Play and its inclusion in GPU, we'll get to play 10 hours of Wild Hearts early, as part of our subscription plans. The trial goes live on Monday, February 13th, ahead of the game's full launch on February 16th.

Last month, EA's Dead Space remake didn't get a free trial as part of EA Play / Xbox Game Pass, so it's good to hear that won't be the case with Wild Hearts. The difference is likely down to the nature of the two games, as 10 hours of Dead Space would allow players to progress through a huge chunk of the remake's storyline.

Still, a trial is indeed coming for Wild Hearts and we're quite intrigued to try the game out we must admit. It feels like EA's upcoming collaboration with Koei Tecmo is creeping up on us a little bit, in and amongst a stacked February 2023 for new releases on Xbox.

Will you be making use of this free Game Pass Ultimate trial? Do let us know!