Two Upcoming Xbox Game Pass Titles Get Early 2023 Release Dates

Update: It's now been confirmed that Valheim will be heading to Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S as part of Xbox Game Pass on March 14th, 2023! You can check out the brand-new trailer down below.

Original story: Xbox Game Pass for 2023 is already looking pretty stacked, with Xbox Game Studios and more bringing plenty of titles to the service this calendar year. Much of the lineup is still in the "TBD" stage, however two upcoming titles have just got brand-new release windows for the first half of 2023.

Valheim, the early access Viking survival game, is aiming for a March 2023 release on Xbox Game Pass. The title is already a part of PC Game Pass in its current preview form, so we're expecting this one to arrive on console via 'Xbox Game Preview' as well. Once we hear of a nailed on console release date we'll of course let you know, but for now, March 2023 it is!

(Update: Valheim is now March 14th for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, as confirmed above).

The following month, Homestead Arcana is set to come to the Game Pass library. Currently, the game's April 2023 release is only confirmed for PC, but a console version is coming to Game Pass at some stage. Hopefully the team provides a bit more information on the console version in the near future.

Official March & April Xbox Game Pass roundups from Microsoft won't be too far off at this point, so we should get a clearer picture of how the next two months are shaping up in the coming weeks. For now, we know that Valheim and Homestead Arcana will be slotting in nicely to the first half of 2023 on Xbox Game Pass.

Are you looking forward to playing either of these titles? Let us know down below!