Image: Titanfall 2, Respawn Entertainment

'Titanfall 3' has been on our hypothetical wishlist for years at this point - in fact, probably since right after we wrapped up Titanfall 2's fantastic single-player campaign way back in 2016. EA doesn't seem to have gotten the memo though, at least according to a new Bloomberg report about an internal cancellation.

Journalist Jason Schreier writes that the publisher has indeed cancelled an unannounced single-player project that was in the works at developer Respawn Entertainment. Apparently, the title was set to be a "game based on the popular Apex Legends and Titanfall franchises". Our hopes on 'Titanfall 3' have been well and truly dashed.

"Electronic Arts Inc. canceled a game based on the popular Apex Legends and Titanfall franchises, according to three people familiar with the matter.

The canceled project, code-named TFL or Titanfall Legends, was a single-player game set in the universe shared by the Apex Legends and Titanfall games."

Although this project was never properly announced, it seemed to have been in some sort of development since at least last year. Back in July, we reported that Respawn had begun work on a "single player adventure" in the Titanfall universe, discovered via various job listings at the studio.

For now though, it looks like any such project has been cancelled, if Schreier's latest report is indeed accurate. It may well be time for us to go back and replay Titanfall 2, then, just to lift our spirits if nothing else.

Are you as disappointed as us by this report? Let us know your thoughts on things down below.

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