xbox game pass shoulder of giants

Anything indie that manages to find its way onto Xbox Game Pass tends to make a bigger splash on the Xbox platform, and we're starting to see small developers clamour for inclusion on the service. The latest such team is Moving Pieces Interactive — the dev behind Shoulder of Giants — who've made it clear that they want to be a part of the service as well.

In a new interview on the Xbox Expansion Pass podcast, the dev expressed its desire to be on Game Pass, saying that any such move is ultimately up to Microsoft, despite fan requests.

"What I can say is that it's definitely something that we want. A lot of people have asked us 'is the game coming to Game Pass, when will it come to Game Pass?' and my answer to them is: please tell this to Microsoft! And, hopefully it will happen."

For now, the game's Xbox launch has come and gone, and inclusion on Game Pass is less likely at the this stage given that indies tend to launch on the service or miss the boat. Some do arrive a short time after launch though, so there's still a chance that Shoulder of Giants could arrive one day. It's certainly something that the devs would like to see happen!

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