Deliver Us Mars is finally here! No, not the literal delivery of Mars as a place for all humans to forge new life, we mean the sequel to the hit video game Deliver Us The Moon. You know, the much more important news!

Anyway, indeed, KeokeN Interactive's next adventure is available now for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S (along with other platforms), and a selection of early reviews are floating about in the zero gravity web.

Here's what the critics are saying about Deliver Us Mars so far:

Gaming Trend (8.5/10)

"Deliver Us Mars explores what it means to struggle against extinction, and the hope of fixing a dying planet. It's a story of fear, and how it manifests into hope within some, and wrath within others. It's a short but certainly sweet narrative adventure into the stars with some casual yet amusing puzzles to help break up the flow of gameplay."

GameSpew (8/10)

"Deliver Us Mars is that rare, beautiful thing: a successful sequel which not only builds on its predecessor but enhances the experience in numerous ways. Sure, more puzzle variety would have been nice. But that’s about the only complaint we can make about this otherwise thrilling, atmospheric deep-space adventure."

Push Square (7/10)

"Deliver Us Mars has an entrancing sci-fi story that will keep you thinking long after the credits roll. There are a few little issues, such as a boring climbing mechanic and frame rate drops on Earth, but with some fantastic voice acting it's easy to get really invested in the characters and the fate of humanity. The simple puzzles do a good job at giving your brain a little workout while never being so taxing that they slow down the pace of the action. Overall, this is a great follow-up that delivers a compelling sci-fi narrative."

GameReactor (7/10)

"Deliver Us Mars has a lot to like about it. There's a strong narrative core running throughout most of it, supported by great voice performances, especially from Ellise Chappell who plays Kathy, and there's some solid gameplay and impressive visuals thrown into the mix as well. Despite its good points, there are a few key factors that leave Deliver Us Mars in a state of being very good rather than great. Even with its many strengths, it has just enough to hold it back from reaching a higher score."

Rock Paper Shotgun (Unscored)

"A thoughtful exploration of humanity's will to survive, Deliver Us Mars marries big, planet-sized problems with gripping, interpersonal drama - and pleasingly tactile platforming. The only disappointment is its rather rote puzzles."

So far the reviews seem fairly good, then, and the storyline is getting particular praise as a solid follow-up to Deliver Us The Moon. At the time of writing the game doesn't have a Metacritic average score, but it's sitting at 76 on OpenCritic right now, which is a solid score!

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