Redfall Requires 'Persistent' Online Connection Even In Single-Player

Following last month's Xbox Developer Direct showcase, we now know quite a bit more about Arkane's open world shooter Redfall, including a proper nailed-on release date for the game. In light of the latest gameplay deep dive, and the release date reveal, the team at Bethesda has updated Redfall's FAQ page, and it provides some... interesting info.

The one note that instantly sticks out here is that even when playing in single-player, Redfall will require a constant online connection. Right now, there's no offline option for diving into Redfall, whether playing on Xbox Game Pass or not.

"A persistent online connection is required for single player and co-op."

Arkane's upcoming title will also require players to hold a account to log in, which in turn will also need to be linked to the user's Xbox or Steam account to play - depending on the player's platform of choice, of course.

Arkane and Bethesda have done their best in recent months to explain that Redfall can indeed be played in solo, even if the game's hero-based nature does look better suited to co-op play. However, even as a solo player, you'll need to be OK with being permanently connected to the internet to enjoy Arkane's latest effort.

Does this matter for the solo players out there? Leave your thoughts on this down in the comments.