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Some of you may remember (unless you're as lost as we are at this point) that not too long ago, Microsoft reportedly received a 'statement of objections' from the European Commission in regards to the Xbox ActiBlizz deal. That statement basically included a bunch of things the commission wants to see altered for the deal to go ahead, and now Microsoft has revealed that it'll be attending an EU court hearing next week to discuss matters.

Coming by way of Reuters, Microsoft is set to respond to those EU objections on February 21st. Naturally, we don't know the details on what Microsoft will present at the hearing, but we're very curious to see if the company is successful in this European showdown.

Over here in the UK, the CMA recently presented its own suggestions for how Xbox could potentially alter the shape of the deal. The UK authority split these into two categories — 'structural remedies' and 'behavioural remedies' — but any of these are are mere suggestions at the moment and the UK investigation is still underway.

We shouldn't have too long to wait on these EU findings anyway, as long as the outcome of the hearing becomes public knowledge soon after. For now, the next ActiBlizz-related showdown is all set for Feb. 21st in the EU courts.

Do you think Xbox will need to make some big changes for EU approval? Let us know your thoughts.