We've seen Halo stuff come to Sea Of Thieves before with themed pirate ship sails, but Rare is going even deeper this week with another big crossover. As part of a new 'Pirate Emporium' update, a bunch of Halo-themed gear is coming to this Xbox seafaring adventure.

Yep, the gaming crossovers just keep on coming don't they? You'll be able to access the 'Infinite Depths Collection' within the Sea of Thieves in-game shop starting today, February 16th. The lineup includes items such as an Energy Sword weapon cosmetic, Master Chief-themed outfits, and this cute lil' Cortana chest. Look at this thing!

Halo-Themed 'Infinite Depths Collection' Brings Energy Sword & More To Sea Of Thieves 2

When SoT launched almost five years ago, we never expected to see Halo Energy Swords out at sea, but here we are! Rare continues to surprise us with its support for Sea of Thieves as we head into year five - we're expecting more even surprises to come!

Will you be booting the game up to grab some Halo gear? Let us know in the comments.