Sea Of Thieves Is Giving Away This Free Halo Spartan Ship Set

The Sea of Thieves team over at Rare is celebrating the arrival of Halo Infinite multiplayer (and upcoming release of the Halo Infinite campaign) by offering a free Halo Spartan Ship Set throughout the next week.

To access it, all you need to do is log into your Sea of Thieves account before December 1st:

In addition, Sea of Thieves is hosting a Gold & Glory Weekend right now, set to end at 11:59pm GMT on Sunday, November 29th, allowing you to earn boosted reputation, gold and Renown "for your hijinks upon the high seas".

Don't forget that Sea of Thieves is included as part of the Xbox Black Friday Sale, available for £20.99 / $23.99.

Have you claimed your Spartan Ship Set yet in Sea of Thieves? Let us know in the comments.